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  • Darren is a massively successful author of numerous fantasy and horror books for both young people and adults.His most famous works include the 12 books of The Saga of Darren Shan; the 10 books of The Demonata, The City Trilogy; The Thin Executioner and his most recent series of 4 books, The Saga of Larten Crepsley. A movie of Cirque Du Freak was completed in 2009.

    By the start of 2010, Darren's books were on sale in every continent, in 39 countries, in 31 languages, and have been children's bestsellers in America, Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway and other countries. The books have topped adult bestseller charts in Hungary, Japan and Taiwan. In total, his books have sold close to 15 million copies worldwide.
  • Demonata Series
    (Demonata Series,book 1) Lord Loss
    (Demonata Series,book 2) Demon Thief
    (Demonata Series,book 3) Slawter
    (Demonata Series,book 4) Bec
    (Demonata Series,book 5) Blood Beast
    (Demonata Series,book 6) Demon Apocalypse
    (Demonata Series,book 7) Death's Shadow
    (Demonata Series,book 8) Wolf Island
    (Demonata Series,book 9) Dark Calling
    (Demonata Series,book 10) Hell's Heroes
    Cirque Du Freak Series
    (Cirque Du Freak Series,book 1) Cirque du Freak
    (Cirque Du Freak Series,book 2) The Vampire's Assistant
    (Cirque Du Freak Series,book 3) Tunnels of Blood
    (Cirque Du Freak Series,book 4) The Vampire Mountain
    (Cirque Du Freak Series,book 5) Trials of Death
    (Cirque Du Freak Series,book 6) The Vampire Prince
    (Cirque Du Freak Series,book 7) Hunters of the Dusk
    (Cirque Du Freak Series,book 8) Allies of the Night
    (Cirque Du Freak Series,book 9) Killers of the Dawn
    (Cirque Du Freak Series,book 10) The Lake of Souls
    (Cirque Du Freak Series,book 11) Lord of the Shadows
    (Cirque Du Freak Series,book 12) Sons of Destiny