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  • Cynthia Eden read online free
  • Cynthia graduated summa cum laude from the University of South Alabama where she studied Sociology and Communciation. She worked as a journalist on her university's paper. Later, as she traveled the long and bumpy road to romance publication, Cynthia was employed as a college counselor, a teacher, and an editor.

    Cynthia Eden writes tales of paranormal suspense and sensual romance.
  • Bound
    (Bound,book 1) Bound By Blood
    (Bound,book 2) Bound in Darkness
    (Bound,book 3) Bound In Sin
    (Bound,book 4) Bound By The Night
    (Bound,book 5) Bound In Death
    (Mine,book 1) Mine to Take
    (Mine,book 2) Mine to Keep
    (Mine,book 3) Mine to Hold
    (Mine,book 4) Mine to Crave
    Shadow Agents
    (Shadow Agents,book 1) Alpha One
    (Shadow Agents,book 2) Guardian Ranger
    (Shadow Agents,book 3) Sharpshooter
    (Shadow Agents,book 4) Glitter and Gunfire
    (Shadow Agents,book 5) Undercover Captor
    (Shadow Agents,book 6) The Girl Next Door
    Deadly Series
    (Deadly Series,book 1) Deadly Fear
    (Deadly Series,book 2) Deadly Heat
    (Deadly Series,book 3) Deadly Lies